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sharon-adami-miltonSchool District: Milton A.S.D.
Work Address: 700 Mahoning St.
Milton, PA 17847
Work Phone #: 570-742-7687
email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sharon Adami, School Food Service Director for the Milton Area School District, is proud of the role the breakfast programs play in assisting families in her district, “ I think we’re helping families. That’s the best part for me. We’re helping to get kids fed that need it and helping families along the way. I’ve had a lot of parents say that it’s a life-saver. They tell me, ‘I would like to feed them at home but they’re not ready to eat when they get up.’ Parents know that once their children get to school they’ll be able to get breakfast.”

Before the breakfast program was initiated there were many behavior problems during the free time in the mornings before classes began. Students are now given 15-30 minutes on average to have breakfast before the start of the day. By providing students an opportunity to eat in preparation for the day’s academics, the schools encourage a positive start to the day. “Generally, students in almost all schools with breakfast programs perform better and are documented to have fewer visits to the nurses when compared to those that do serve breakfast.”

Sharon recommends that directors who are planning to start breakfast programs need to have supporters, including teachers, administrators, and parents. In her experience, teacher support can boost the chances of getting approval to start a program in a school. The administrators in Sharon’s district support school breakfast. Sharon states, “They can really help to boost your participation. If they make it easy to get to breakfast, kids will come." Sharon has worked with the administrators to assign breakfast supervision duties and to come up with plans for structuring the program that will work best on a school-by-school basis. According to Sharon, parents were pleased and satisfied when the program first started, and later they played a positive role in its progress by encouraging their children to participate.

According to Sharon, the problems that food service directors anticipate with starting up a breakfast program are often less serious and the solutions are often easier to implement than they expected. Sharon’s years of experiences in starting, changing, and keeping school breakfast programs afloat have taught her that after you have solved what seemed to be huge problems you can usually look back and say, “Why was that a big deal?”

The challenges Sharon has successfully overcome in starting and improving her breakfast operations have fueled her desire to convince other directors that they can do it, too. Membership in the Breakfast Brigade gives Sharon the chance to “help other people start programs and show them that it’s not as hard as you might think.” After she has achieved her primary goal of helping to establish the breakfast programs in most of the schools in her area, Sharon’s main focus will be to assist those schools in expanding their menus and improving the participation rates in existing programs.

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